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Vision and Values

The Council’s Vision

'North West Leicestershire will be a place where people and businesses feel they belong and are proud to call home'.

Five Priority Areas

  • Building Confidence in Coalville - We aim to regenerate and build confidence in Coalville.
  • Value for Money - We aim to provide council services that people feel give good value for money.
  • Homes and Communities - We aim to improve the wellbeing of people living in North West Leicestershire.
  • Business and Jobs - We aim to make the district a better place to invest, work and visit.
  • Green Footprints - We aim to make people feel proud to be part of a cleaner, greener district

The Council’s Values

  • Deliver agreed quality
  • Be fair and proud
  • Listen carefully
  • Support what is possible
  • Spend our money wisely.
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